LEAP Assessments

Our Conversational Intelligence Assessment Tools provide a blueprint for our training
and coaching programs. Each assessment can be administered as a self-assessment,
360 assessment or team assessment. These assessments provide our coaches with a
customized growth strategy and measurable goals. These assessments help us gain
insight into the culture, communication dynamics, drivers and gaps within leadership,
teams and organizations. Check out our programs or ask us for information on
customized topics for your individual needs!

Conversational Intelligence Assessment


This insightful “quick study” tool is used to explore the conversational patterns that impact how we interact with others. This provides a fingerprint of how people engage and communicate with others.




This tool provides you with a snapshot of behaviors and conversations that are either driving or eroding trust in your workplace. This tool will score you across the 5 vital dimensions of TRUST: Transparency, Relationship, Understanding, Shared Success, and Truth-Telling.

CreatingWE Culture Assessment 


This comprehensive tool highlights the conversational competencies that are needed to cultivate a thriving WE-Centric environment. It measures your strengths, developmental needs, patterns and themes across the CHANGES framework.