The LEAP Coaching Model

Our team delivers exceptional group and individual coaching designed to maximize the potential of an individual, create harmony in their life and provide them coaching tools to navigate the workplace with more ease.  Coaching is a partnership in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to reach their next level of greatness. Check out our programs or ask us for information on customized topics for your individual needs!

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.

It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – John Whitmore

Executive Coaching


The LEAP Executive Coaching Program provides high-level leadership skills formulated to navigate the everyday challenges of executives, develop high performing teams, create an exceptional culture and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Leadership Coaching


The LEAP Leadership Coaching Program provides foundational leadership skills formulated to increase personal and team engagement, discover innate strengths and intentions, develop higher Emotional Intelligence and build transformational leadership skills.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching


The LEAP Emotional Intelligence Coach Program delivers foundational EQ skills designed to increase accountability, improve resiliency, give and receive feedback, build relationship and embrace change.

Group / Team Coaching


The LEAP Group Coaching Program provides exceptional team building skills specially-designed to generate a foundational breakthrough in teamwork, enhance collaboration, improve productivity and boost communication skills.

Conversational Intelligence Coaching


The LEAP Conversational Intelligence Coaching Program delivers foundational C-IQ skills designed to turn feelings into language, access the hardwired ability to connect with others and build deeper levels of trust.

Physician Coaching


The LEAP Physician Coaching Program provides transformational leadership, team building and communication skills designed to avoid burnout, increase patient satisfaction, improve resiliency and support a healthy work/life balance.

Medical Team Coaching


The LEAP Medical Team Coaching Program provides foundation team building and communication skills designed to enhance the patient experience, improve medical flow, avoid burnout and support a healthy work/life balance.