The LEAP Team

LEAP Training & Coaching is a professional coaching organization with over two decades of coaching experience empowering organizations and individuals to continually LEAP to their Next Level of Greatness. We provide cutting-edge, research-based training models continually evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing business world. As we promote continued education and learning to our clients, our team embodies this idea through continued training, seminars, and individual coaching to reach our own Next Level of Greatness.

The LEAP Team consists of five lead coaches and their teams, professionally trained and credentialed, focused on revolutionizing training and coaching. We do this by focusing on transforming corporate cultures from the top-down. We design and implement a culture founded on trust, collaboration, innovation, and transparency.

With over 18 years of experience improving communication skills, relationships, effectiveness, and performance, our team of coaches excel at understanding situations, listening to the needs and challenges of our clients, and providing extraordinary coaching tools that can be utilized immediately.


The LEAP Team prides ourselves in providing professional training and coaching individualized to meet your needs. We listen to your challenges and create a personally designed proposal to transform your company’s culture from the top-down.

LEAP Team Lead Coaches

About Jacqueline Beck, LMHP


  • 16 years as a Licensed Multi-Disciplinary Psychotherapist

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Mindfulness and Holistic Health

  • Group Dynamics within Organizations and Teams

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

About David Bouda, MD, FACP


  • 11 years as a Medical Director across multiple disciplines

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Dynamics between Physicians, Staff, Nurses, Administration, and Patients

  • Coach and Consultant to Initiate Change

About JoAnn Bouda, PCC


  • 15 years as a Professionally Certified Leadership Coach

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership and Team Development

  • Culture Change

  • Personal and Professional Growth

About Ryan Bouda, AIC


  • 5 years in Engineering and Real Estate before becoming a Coach

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Communication Skills

  • Effective Leadership/Management

About Lisa Woodford, CSIC


  • 15 years as a Teacher, Learning Specialist, and Certified Coach

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Intervention

  • Interaction Dynamics between Teams and within Organizations

  • Learning and Brain Integration Specialist