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Cutting-Edge Physician Consulting

Medicine is a more complex business than ever before. Understanding how to manage and be profitable in today’s medical culture is key to being successful

Key Support for Physicians, Medical Teams, and Medical Practices


Thriving, not just surviving, in the complex medical world is imperative today.


Your Leap Team consists of an experienced medical doctor, trainers, and coaches with extensive experience working in medical systems and reenergizing your practice.


David Bouda, MD, FACP, has extensive experience building and enhancing sizeable medical practices throughout his career. He serves as a consultant to physicians and their teams. Dr. Bouda is an experienced coach and specializes in designing and implementing effective and successful communication and teamwork, no matter the size or experience of the medical staff.

Your Leap Team provides assessments, collaborates to determine your desired outcomes, and provides outstanding training to achieve greater success for your practice and medical team.

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