The LEAP Training Model

We pride ourselves in providing extensive training based on models hailed by Fortune 500 companies as the most up-and-coming research-based training in the world.  Training is an advancement opportunity to learn skill sets and tools to improve communication, relationships, teamwork and performance. Our training programs are designed to transform an entire organization to reach Your Next Level of Greatness.  Check out our programs or ask us for information on customized topics for your individual needs!

Advanced Leadership Training


The LEAP Advanced Leadership Training Program provides transformational leadership tools designed for skilled leaders and managers looking to enhance their interpersonal skills, navigate difficult conversations and facilitate collaboration with more ease.

High Performing Team Training


The LEAP High Performing Team Training Program delivers exceptional techniques for building relationships, increasing collaboration, handling groupthink and creating a shared vision within the team.

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills Training


The LEAP Enhanced Interpersonal Skills Training Program provides foundational communication skills specifically designed to build higher levels of Emotional Intelligence, improve our ability to listen with a focus on others, ask questions that open the space and enhance our Conversational Intelligence.

Effective Leadership Training


The LEAP Effective Leadership Training Program provides basic leadership tools designed to introduce new leadership principles, techniques and skills to your leaders.

Communication Skills Training


The LEAP Communication Skills Training Program provides ground-breaking communication tools designed from cutting-edge research to master the basics of Conversational Intelligence®.

Navigating Difficult Conversations Training


The LEAP Navigating Difficult Conversations Training Program delivers advanced communication skills designed to build leaders ability to provide feedback, overcome obstacles and handle difficult conversations and

challenging people with ease.

Medical Interpersonal Skills Training


The LEAP Medical Interpersonal Skills Training Program provides ground-breaking leadership, team building, and communication tools specially designed from cutting-edge research to master collaboration, leadership, employee engagement and patient satisfaction.