Training Topics

Leadership Development

Instill a culture of innovative leaders with the tools and skills necessary to reach your next level of greatness. We specialize in developing and empowering leaders to use their courage, innovation, and creativity to grow and prosper.

Organizational Development

Having your entire workforce involved and committed to the development and ownership of company goals is key to the success and prosperity of your company. We inspire and enrich the lives of your employees resulting in improved collaboration, trust, and employee engagement.

Customer Service

Developing positive customer relationships is at the heart of every successful organization. Our training will provide your employees with the tools and skills to improve relationships with your clients, improve attitudes toward customers, and produce a company culture focused on healthy relationships.

Communication & Interactive Skills

Formulate healthy, genuine conversations to integrate a collaborative culture founded on trust, respect, and integrity. This course focuses on empowering leaders, managers, teams, and employees with emotional and conversational intelligence tools to achieve new levels of greatness.

Medical Professionals & Teams

Generating quality profit is contingent on providing exceptional care. The culture of any medical team is a crucial component in providing this excellent patient care, therefore, increasing patient satisfaction. We have the experience and expertise to empower your organization to reach its next level of financial success.

Physician Coaching & Consulting

Navigating the complex medical business and understanding how to be profitable in today’s medical culture is essential to the growth and prosperity of your organization. Our team consists of an experienced medical physician and consultant, trainers and coaches with extensive experience working in medical systems. We provide assessments, collaborate to determine your desired outcomes, and offer outstanding training to achieve greater success for your practice and medical team.

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Additional Training Topics

The LEAP Team continues to develop and expand their teaching techniques and tools in order to serve the ever-changing needs of leaders, teams, and organizations across the nation.

Culture Change

Culture Change

  • Embracing Change with a Positive Outlook

  • Initiate Culture Shift

  • Leading through Change

  • Employee Ownership of Company Vision

  • Develop Individual and Organizational Aspirations

  • Facilitate Change

  • Develop Your Talent within the Organization

  • Boost Your Processes

  • Reduce Siloing Across Departments

Emotional Intelligence

  • Professional and Personal Enrichment

  • Resilience: The Key to a Fulfilling Life

  • Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Overcome Compassion Fatigue

  • Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace

  • Increase Self Awareness

  • Taking Criticism with a Grain of Salt

  • Build Your Self Confidence

  • Empathy vs. Compassion

Soft Skills

  • Thriving Under Pressure

  • Productive Time Management Training

  • Uncertainty and How to Get Clear

  • Thrive through Stress: Stress Management

  • Dealing with Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

  • Thrive in a Crisis – Don’t Merely Survive

  • Conflict Resolution and Confrontation Management Training

  • Advance Your Conflict Management Skills

  • Deliver and Accept Constructive Feedback

  • Delegation Skills for All Levels

  • Improve Your Body Language

  • Master Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

  • How to Deal with Difficult People

  • Creative and Innovative Leadership Training

  • New Approaches to Conducting Crucial Conversations

  • Become a Resilient Leader

  • Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader

  • Crisis Management

  • Leadership and Management Skills for Women

  • Management Boot Camp 101

  • Managing Through the Tough Times

  • Setting Successful Employee Goals

  • Becoming a Coach-Leader