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Innovative Leadership Development

Exceptional leaders develop creative techniques to engage and empower employees in forming their own ideas and building a unified organization

LEAP Executive Coaching Program


Executive coaching is professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills—the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.


Throughout this program, you will:

  • Discover your innate strengths, vision, and intentions

  • Identify and eliminate unproductive habits and behaviors

  • Develop transformative leadership skills

  • Understand and develop higher Emotional Intelligence

  • Elevate your job/personal satisfaction

  • Increase personal and team effectiveness and productivity

  • Become an expert in Conversational Intelligence

  • Improve your work/life balance

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LEAP Group Coaching Program


Group coaching is professional coaching in a group or team setting with a focus on developing leadership and team skills—the skills needed to increase motivation, build top performing teams, improving productivity, and maintain strong relationships founded in trust and mutual respect.


Throughout this program, your team will:

  • Discover their individual strengths, vision, and intentions

  • Uncover the direction of the group and how they contribute to it

  • Learn from each other in a safe environment of mutual respect and trust

  • Encourage sharing and collaboration within the group

  • Commit to the success of the whole team

  • Become better communicators

  • Be able to hold productive, efficient meetings

  • Learn to celebrate their successes and milestones

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Inspire Success


In today’s ever-changing, chaotic business world, finding the time and resources to build an effective culture of leadership is one of the biggest challenges for organizations.

  • We need to instill a culture of innovative leadership tools and skills to reach the next level of greatness for your business.

  • Leadership is such an important ingredient in that leap!

Your Leap Team is dedicated to the development of innovative and inspired leaders.

  • We have had continued success in developing and empowering leaders and teams to use their courage, innovation, and creativity to reach that next level of greatness.

This is one of the fastest-growing and ever-changing areas of modern-day organizations. Empowering your employees to be effective leaders is well worth the investment you make in order to reach your next level of greatness.

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