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Unlock Limitless Growth: Empowering You with Free Resources for Success

Free Resouces

The Free Guide to Exceptional Leadership

The Free Guide to Exceptional Leadership: Unleash Your Greatest Potential with the Heart-Head-Hands Model" is a transformative resource that takes you on a journey through a powerful 3-step process. In this guide, you will explore the Heart step, delving into what truly matters to you as a leader and setting the foundation for success. Next, the Head step empowers you with a deep understanding of how your brain functions and equips you with tools to lead with clarity and focus. Finally, in the Hands step, you will discover practical strategies and techniques for building stronger relationships and effectively collaborating with others as a visionary leader. Get ready to unlock your leadership potential and embark on a path of excellence with this invaluable guide.

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LEAP Weekly Webinar Series

Join our engaging LEAP Weekly Webinar Series, a valuable free resource designed to empower leaders and professionals with actionable insights. Dive into 25 weekly webinars, each ranging from 10 to 20 minutes, covering a wide array of topics including feedback, employee engagement, and more, allowing you to enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

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10 Must-Have Open-Ended Questions

Enhance Your Leadership and Teamwork Skills with our Thought-Provoking Handout: 10 Must-Have Open-Ended Questions. This resource highlights the significance of asking impactful questions, empowering leaders and teammates to foster deeper understanding, encourage meaningful discussions, and unlock innovative solutions within the workplace.

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Three Simple Steps to a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Discover the Path to a Psychologically Safe Workplace with our comprehensive 5-page e-book, 'Three Simple Steps to a Psychologically Safe Workplace.' This insightful resource explores the essential steps of speaking up, listening up, and following up, providing practical guidance to cultivate an environment where individuals feel safe, heard, and supported.

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Powerful Method for Conquering Amygdala Hijack in Difficult Conversations

Have you ever been in the presence of a young toddler in the midst of an all-out temper tantrum? Can you replay in your head how the conversation escaladed exponentially, and your logical brain is asking yourself “what in the heck happened” and “why are you even upset”? Did you know that the exact same “temper tantrums” that happen for children happen to adults as well, especially during difficult conversations? We just use a fancier term called Amygdala Hijack.

Proven Process for Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs in Difficult Conversations

Have you ever been extremely determined to speak with someone about something upsetting you but slowly “chickened out” or found yourself coming up with a thousand reasons why not to say anything? It may sound like: “I don’t want to hurt their feelings”, “They got really angry and yelled at me last time”, or “You won’t be able to be professional in your delivery. You will probably cry”.

New Research Reveals the True Impact of Conversations

Throughout our lives, we hold millions and millions, perhaps even billions, of conversations. British writer, Gyles Brandreth, once calculated that we speak 860,341,500 words in a lifetime. Many of these conversations flow naturally with ease. Others may be confusing, exciting, intriguing, saddening, frightening, and so much more. But the ones that are most memorable oftentimes fit into two simple categories: positive and negative.

How to Maximize Your Company Values

Company values are, at their core, designed to be the fundamental beliefs that drive company decisions and behaviors. Imagine a ship sailing across the ocean but is missing one key component: the rudder. Can that ship accurately or effectively reach its destination? The same is true for an organization. All companies have strategic goals they are trying to reach but without the rudder, the core values, it is extremely difficult to navigate the waves of everyday decisions. Core values truly drive an organization forward. So why do so many companies simply place them on the wall and have no way of reinforcing them?

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